Choose the respect for the environment: the retreaded tire reduces the waste production.

Every year are sold on worldwide more than a billion tires that later will fall in the "end of life". The volumes are constantly growing because it increases the number of vehicles in circulation.
Every year in the EU tire replacement car generates about tires to be disposed of to which are added several million arising from end of life vehicles.

The problem of their impact on the environment is very serious, it takes 100 years for a tire in the environment deteriorates completely.
With the reconstruction of the tires can reduce the production of "used tires" and slow down considerably the flow of disposal of tires.

Every year, thanks to the retreading, it is possible to prevent the release into the environment of many tons of tires.

So, it’s important to promote an efficient, sustainable and responsible policy of the management of the product at the end of life. The retreading allows you to reuse 80% of the used tire, retreading only 20%. Equally important is the lowest environmental impact of the retreading process: the process to manufacture and distribute a retread tire produces fewer carbon emissions than to build a new tire. These are the reasons behind the MALATESTA TIRES works while maintaining high environmental sensitivity and considering the tire a product that is consumed quickly, it is difficult to dispose of, but which, if worked in the right way, can still have high potential to exploit all.
A consumer policy marked by the philosophy of disposable is to be reviewed and corrected. Every year only in Europe replacing worn tires generates million units to be disposed. Existed for many years a production process, the retreading of the tires, which allows you to recycle and reuse them to put them back on the road.

The use of tyre retreading has the following advantages:

- Ecology: the reuse of the tyre limits the Disposal.

- Energy saving: to make a tire renewed using less energy in terms of oil and equivalent, compared to a new one.

- Price: The retreading tyre’s cost is less than the new tyre and the disposal tax is not due.
The frequent question is: are retread tires are safe indeed?
You can find reply in the quality and safety of this site. For more information and clarification you can contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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