"Sustainable development is development that satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs."

World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987



MALATESTA Tyre offers a second life to the tyre. A second quality life, renew all the original functions in total safety and reliability.
The company implements environmental responsibility collaborating to decrease the impact on the environment and therefore to reduce the production of waste recovering those tires which can be given a second life.
The problem of impact on the environment is very serious: a tire in the environment takes 100 years to deteriorate completely.
The remoulding – retreading process reduces the production of used tires and make slower the flow of tire disposal.
Today, remoulding is a “must”, not retreading it means throwing away the whole life of a tire designed to have many more life cycles than tread one.
Sustainable development is one important scenario for companies wishing to engage in environmental safeguard.
In this context, "development" does not mean growth but give the improvement of the community's capacity to meet human needs; "Sustainable" means that you can maintain over time, which is then implemented to ensure future generations the same our opportunity to satisfy need and expectations.
This view requires an effort played simultaneously on the economic, environmental and social field.
The MALATESTA TIRES every day trying to engage pursuing this purpose.

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