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How to read tyre codes



Check tire pressure when "cold" every month. You can save fuel and drive safely when tyre is correctly inflated. Increase pressure according to load.

Tread and sidewalls

Periodically check the tread thickness technically it is recommended to be at least 3.00 mm although the Italian law allows a minimum of 1.6 mm.
Check Periodically the integrity of the sidewall. In case of tears, cuts, abrasions, the damage must be checked by a specialist.


Check the status of integrity of the rims. In case of deformation or damage to control by a specialist since this may cause an air leak in the special way if is tubeless tires. Not to mount an inner tube in a tubeless tire if the rim is damaged and not repairable.


Every 20,000 km move tyre from rear to front (or cross them). This practice helps to make more mileage.

Other information

Use same tyre on same axis, better if they are all four the same type /pattern.
We recommend to drive a bit slower for the first 100 km after replacing the tires.